Are you overwhelmed with all that goes into running a blog? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Tech For Bloggers is a blog about all the tech you need to be a successful blogger, including website tech, marketing tech, gear and apps.

Hi there! I’m David the @blogjunkie. I’m a WordPress expert who’s created hundreds of blogs for my clients, some of whom are very successful bloggers. I started this blog to share some of the stuff I’ve learnt with you, so you can take control of your blog and make an impact online. I hope my experience will help inform why some tech is great and others are a waste of time.

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While I’ve been blogging since the early 2000s—yes, I’m old ?—I’ve not done so regularly for the past 10 years. Blogging in 2021 will be a new challenge (on top of my full-time job, 2 boys and dealing with a global pandemic), and I’ll be sharing my learnings and discoveries along the way.

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